Vintage vibes, modern thrills

Reviving vintage steel race bikes with a modern twist. I upcycle, sell, repair, and personalize bikes, crafting unique rides that blend history with contemporary style.


How I work

Giving pre-owned race bikes a second life is my passion. It’s all about going the extra mile for your new bike. I take the whole thing apart, making sure each part is not just reliable but also gives your ride that brand-new feel.

I exclusively source bikes in Belgium, meticulously seeking out hidden gems across the country. Once gathered, every bike makes its way to my workshop in Ghent, where I upcycle each one to perfection, ready to embark on a new journey. Every bike will be carefully checked, cleaned, and greased. I equip them with new stainless steel cables, chains, pedals, saddles and fresh tires.

If you’re in the neighborhood of Ghent and eager for a test ride, each bike is ready for you. Please note that test rides are by appointment only. Not local? Don’t worry, I handle shipping too (Europe only).